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महोदय,   मला आपल शहर पाहण्यासाठी परिवारासोबत (2+3) यावयाचे आहे तरी राह्ण्याबाबत काय व्यवस्था आहे क्रुपया मला लवकर कलवावे॰ = विजय मोरे औरंगाबाद-431005 मो॰ 9423454756

Paresh Chavan

Namaskar. There are many members in this group. Good to see that. I have 1 request for all, can we start some sports activities or a sports team in bangalore where all marathi people will be playing. My request is to start a Marathi Cricket Team and play matches here in bangalore. Waiting to hear positive for the group members. :)


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